A Family Tradition of Excellence for more than 90 Years


My Grandfather (second from left) Turn of the Century


Early 1920's My Mother and Grandad


My Grandfather's Store


My Parents Mid 1950's


    Alan and his Family Tradition

Alan Heyman started making slip covers when he was 12 years old. He had been watching his parents and grand parents making them since he was born. His grandfather started making slip covers about 1905, his mother started in the 1920’s and his father in the 1930’s. “My playpen was right next to my mother’s sewing machine. The sound of the sewing machine running was a very soothing sound to me as a child...and still is.”

In 1958 Alan started his own slip covers business in San Francisco. During the 60’s and early 70’s Alan Heyman Slip Covers was making slip covers for more than 200 designers and over 130 department stores employing over 30 people.

By 1972 slip covers had lost their popularly. Most people wanted to buy and throw away, quality was not important, so Alan retired from the slip cover business and pursued a very successful career in the corporate world. In the mid 1980’s, slip covers were again becoming popular. Because of a lot of pressure from the design industry, Alan started making slip covers again in 1989. The response was overwhelming.

Today Alan Heyman Slip Covers is located in the historic Niles area of Fremont, California. His work takes him from Palo Alto one day to Danville the next or to Carmel, San Francisco, Marin, San Jose, Piedmont, or almost anywhere in the greater Bay Area. Alan’s work has been featured in many designer showcase houses, on the covers of national and local magazines, in the major Bay Area newspapers, trade magazines and even in the movies.


Revitalize your furniture for years of comfort, convenience and beauty with custom slipcovers!

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